About The School of connected consciousness

.Awareness 2 Wellness.

Teaching classes and workshops that help to learn about self, other, and the world around.
our mission

It starts with opening the eyes.

The School of Connected Consciousness is a free school whose offerings are supported by clients, supporters, and donors.


A wide variety of online courses

Teaching wellness, mindfulness, connection courses, classes on organic living, and more.


Practical tips for better understanding

Information is broken down to make understanding ancient terms and knowledge for all to understand, whether you're just beginning your healing journey or an advanced yoga practitioner.  


Discuss with others and exchange ideas

Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with your studies.


Control how you learn & progress

Participate in live sessions, 1-on-1s, or the community forum to ask questions and deepen your understanding. 

Carmita Smiles

A 500HR Certified and practicing Yoga Instructor, Vegan Nutritionist, Wellness & Natural Living Coach, Animal and & Earth Advocate.  

Guiding pet friendly hikes.

Offering pet friendly yoga and wellness.

Understanding connection to animals and spirit.


Our students love us

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“Coming soon..."


“Coming soon..."


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